Team Engagement: The Power Of 4 x 4

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How do you feel about your team when you go home at the end of the day? Happy with what’s been accomplished and motivated by what’s to come? Or frustrated by the challenges that you and your colleagues have faced and the challenging road ahead?
As a leader or team member, in either an operational, project or leadership team, at the end of the day, we all want to work in a team that has more of the good days than bad. It’s human nature and in our DNA to want to be happy in our lives and work, and since work is a major part of our lives, it is important that we feel engaged and motivated to be part of the team. Too many bad days and eventually, we will look to work in other teams.  No doubt, like myself, you have, during your career, worked in both good and bad teams. Just think back to those teams and the difference in how each made you feel. It’s a no-brainer, we all want to work in a team that is engaged, motivated, positive and up for the challenge.

So How Can You Keep Your Team Engaged?

Based on leading and also working with teams for over 20 years, I have identified 16 key elements that need to be monitored, managed and reviewed regularly to ensure that your team is as effective and engaged as it can be. These 16 elements, I have categorised into four top level areas, 4 elements per category, which form the basis of the Team DyNAmics© Model of Team Engagement. These are as follows:
Strategic Action: Accountability, Decision-Making, Purpose & Vision
Creative Interactions: Collaboration, Communication, Environment & Transformation
Emotional Relationships: Commitment, Diversity, Team Meetings & Trust
Framework Mapping: Planning, Processes, Reflection, Roles & Skills
If you get these right, you will be well on your way to having an engaged, motivated and DyNAmic team.
If you want to understand more about these 16 elements, what each means, I have put together a brief video that explains this and more about the Team DyNAmics© Model. Here is the link, The 16 Elements Of Team Engagement

Q & As

Who am I and Ngagementworks?
I’m a former Change Director of Barclays PLC and a behavioural psychologist. I founded and am CEO of Ngagementworks, a learning and development company that helps many well-known brands succeed through developing their greatest asset, their PEOPLE. I am also an award-winning conference speaker on behaviours, leadership, team effectiveness/engagement and creator of the Team DyNAmics© model of team engagement.
You can contact me direct to discuss how I may be able to support your individual/team development objectives or about a conference that I may be able to help by speaking at via
You can also find me on LinkedIn
I am also on Twitter @NgageingNick 

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