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What Inspires You by Kelly Godden

I’d like to introduce our PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Kelly Godden, who is the Early Career Talent Manager at The Post Office. In work, Kelly is passionate about helping people develop and grow. Outside of work, her passions are pugs, scuba diving and Sauvignon...

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Pin It by Emma Shirley

I’d like to introduce our PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Emma Shirley, who is a Programmes Support Manager in Real Estate Solutions, part of BAE Systems.   In work, Emma is passionate about business improvement and staff development.   Outside of work, her passion is...

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Sharing The Love

Those of you who know me will know that I am a big believer in “Paying it Forward” and hence my initiative on my learning website, Yours Behaviourally, where both myself and guest bloggers have helped others, by sharing team building activities, to help them and their...

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