Team Lead Succeed

“The book about teamwork that EVERYONE needs in their life.”


Team Lead Succeed is a comprehensive guide about how to achieve high-performance through the effectiveness of teamwork, and has been written to be of value to both team leadership and team members.

A life dedicated to understanding how to achieve high-performance teamwork.


The author, Nick Fewings, who calls himself a Teamworkologist, has written it, based on over 30 years experience of working with 1,000s of individuals and 100s of teams around the world, and shares that learning to help other teams to succeed.

Words of praise


Brilliant, inspiring, practical, insightful, useful and actionable are just some of the words that readers have used to describe it.

“Nick Fewings captures the very essence of how the best performing teams are made and developed, sharing his knowledge, wisdom and humour throughout this incredibly useful book, which makes it a must have for any leader or manager of a team.

Absolutely Brilliant!”

People skills are not soft skills


It explores key aspects of teamwork, including WHO is in your team which focuses on team behaviours such as introversion, extraversion, thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition, using a colourful model of people skills, based on the work of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung.

Strategy, Structure, Cooperation and Engagement


16 of the chapters are dedicated to understanding the 16 areas of teamwork, in the Team DyNAmics Model, at the heart of high-performance teamwork.

These 16 areas, or Elements fall into four Categories, Strategy and Structure are task-orientated, whilst Cooperation and Engagement are relationship-orientated.

The 16 Elements include purpose, trust, collaboration, planning, communication, diversity, processes and team culture, to name a few, and the book offers practical strategies and real-world examples to help teams to excel.

Supporting both team building and team development, the book emphasises the importance of fostering a positive team culture and provides actionable tips for building trust and collaboration among team members.

Of value to everyone who is part of a team


With its insights and practical advice, “Team Lead Succeed” serves as an invaluable resource for both new and experienced team leaders, as well as team members, who are passionate about maximising their team’s performance and effectiveness, and in doing so, achieve greater success.

Exemplary Leadership


The book also explores team leadership, with the thoughts of 11 leaders, recognised as exemplary by those they lead, giving their insights into what is required to become a respected leader.

Useful to all teams


Team Lead Succeed has been written, so that it is applicable to leadership, project and operational teams, who work together, remotely or use a hybrid model.

Bestseller and more on Amazon


Published in March 2020, it has received many accolades, plaudits, positive reviews and feedback, achieving a cumulative 4.6 out of 5 rating on Amazon, a bestseller badge, and No. 1 on Kindle in Leadership and Management.

Supports the most in-demand skills identified by LinkedIn in 2024


Research undertaken by LinkedIn, which identified the most in-demand skills for 2024, included a number of skills that are explored in the book, including teamwork, communication, leadership and management, and problem-solving.

Deemed A Book Of National Interest


When a book is published in the UK, there is a legal obligation to deposit a copy with the British Library.

On occasions, when a book is deemed to be of national interest, copies are also legally requested to be deposited at 5 other prestigious libraries, namely;

The Bodleian Library Oxford University, the Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin.

So, a copy of Team Lead Succeed resides in all 6 of the above libraries.

Worldwide interest


As teamwork is universal, Team Lead Succeed is of value to teams around the world, and to date it has been read on 6 of the 7 continents of the world, with Antarctica being the exception.

If teamwork makes the dream work, the team needs to work like a dream.


Team Lead Succeed enables teams to understand the importance of knowing WHO is in their team, and the people and technical skills that they bring, so team members can play to their strengths.

It also provides an understanding of the importance of understanding HOW effective teamwork is, using the 16 Elements of the Team DyNAmics Model to bring these areas to life, with explanations, real-life stories and suggestions.

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The above post includes excerpts from interviews, magazine articles, reviews and podcasts with Nick Fewings about Team Lead Succeed.

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