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We believe that you will find our approach to learning and team building refreshingly different...


We ensure that everyone attending a learning programme understands the reason they are there, the objectives of the learning and what is expected of them after the learning. This enables them to feel engaged from the start and comfortable to speak up and be heard..


Being heard and understood is a powerful motivator, allowing individuals and teams to act upon the barriers to success through a more effective type of group collaboration, where motivation is generated by and within the group, allowing ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.


In developing a trusting environment, the root of issues can be shared, discussed and importantly ideas generated to overcome these. Experiential learning, cutting-edge tools and techniques, appropriate anecdotes and stories are also used to bring the learning to life.


Fostering more trust between individuals and facilitating good conversations, we are able to get buy-in and accountability to positively enhance individual and team performance, enabling even greater success at individual, team and organisational level to be achieved.
However, don’t take our word for it…

CEO, Global Outsourcing

I have asked Nick to deliver training with several different teams in different businesses and settings. I keep going back to him again and again. Universally these sessions have been met with great praise. The insights help individuals and teams to understand themselves better and to be more effective. 

Director, Public Sector

Having worked with Nick several times, I continue to remain impressed with the quality of his sessions and the clarity of his delivery. He engages the room in a way that few other in his field do and brings the audience on the journey with him. He continues to be my “Go To “person when building a new team or looking to jump start performance in an existing one. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

And, when the face to face learning is over, we are still here to support you via our free online learning resource,

Yours Behaviourally.