What’s Your Song Of Life?

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This is a great free team-building activity, that can produce some fascinating results.  The objective is to find out more about your team colleagues, from a personal perspective.  We often spend as much time with our work colleagues, as our families and it is therefore important in building trust, to understand more about them and their lives.

I often use it, as part of the team-building workshops that I facilitate, however it can be undertaken at your next team meeting. For a team of 10, it can be completed it in about 45-minutes.

Assign A Lead

Firstly, you will need to assign someone to lead it, who has access to a music streaming service, that they can playback through their smart device and/or a speaker.

Prior to your next team meeting, everyone, individually, sends the Lead, the title and artist of their “Song Of Life.”  This has to be a song that says something about them and their life and not just a tune they enjoy.

Make A Playlist

The Lead then puts together a playlist of the songs submitted, making note of which song belongs to which team member.

Playback and Reveal

When you next get together as a team, each song is played, with team members guessing whose song it is, after each song. The person who it belongs to eventually owns up and then shares their backstory as to why they chose it. This is often extremely insightful.  The Lead then shares the next song, until all have been shared.

You could also incorporate a prize for the team member who matches the most songs correctly with the right colleagues.

What’s Mine?

As an example, my “Song Of Life” is “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds.  Throughout my life and working career, I have always tried to make a positive impression on people, so that they never forget me.  I hope that I’ve succeeded!!

I’d love to hear what your “Song Of Life” is and your backstory as to why you chose it.  So please do leave a comment or drop me an email to nick@ngagementworks.com

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Wishing you continued happiness and success in both work and life.

Yours engagingly, Nick

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