“Great teamwork doesn't just happen... it happens in teams that work at being great. ”


All those attending a learning and development session receive information about the objectives of the learning, and what this will enable. This ensures they feel comfortable about being actively involved from the outset and also confident to share their thoughts and ideas with others.



The opportunity to be listened to and understood is powerful, empowering individuals and teams to overcome challenges to success through effective and efficient collaboration. In this positive environment, motivation thrives, enabling ordinary individuals to achieve extraordinary things as a team.


By creating a climate of trust, the open sharing and discussion of underlying issues is enhanced, while also encouraging the generation of ideas to overcome these challenges. Experiential and inclusive learning that values diversity, is supported by appropriate tools and techniques, and relevant anecdotes and stories to optimise the learning experience.


Encouraging greater trust amongst individuals enables them to be open and honest, which enables meaningful conversations to be had, that foster commitment and accountability, that ultimately boost both individual and team performance. This, in turn, paves the way for greater success at individual, team, and organisational levels.


However, don’t just take my word for it…

CEO, Global Outsourcing

I keep going back to him again and again. Universally these sessions have been met with great praise. The insights help individuals and teams to understand themselves better and to be more effective.

Director, Public Sector

He engages the room in a way that few other in his field do and brings the audience on the journey with him. Nick continues to be my “Go To “person when building a new team or looking to jump start performance in an existing one.

Team DyNAmics Conference Speaking
Team DyNAmics Team learning session
Team DyNAmics Team learning session
Team DyNAmics Conference Speaking
Team DyNAmics Team learning session

Talking Teamwork

Conference Presentation Speaker Event

A brief summary of the 2-hour interactive conference presentation that I delivered to 600 delegates at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore, in which I shared the three key elements in achieving high-performance teamwork.

Of the 17 speakers, I was delighted to be voted “best speaker”. 
Of the delegates, who provided feedback, 94% rated my presentation Very Good or Excellent.