Helping Others Through My Photography

A few years ago, I needed some images for a conference presentation about achieving high-performance teamwork to bring it to life. Visual imagery helps to get a message across to the audience and supports the words you share on a presentation slide or say….

That is when I came across Unsplash, a website, where photographers can upload their high-quality photographs and, if accepted, they become available for others to download and use, royalty-free.

Provided that they do not sell the images themselves, they can use them in any way they see fit i.e. for a blog, website, presentation, marketing material etc. If they want, they can credit the photographer however this is not mandatory.

Being a passionate believer in “paying it forward”, I started submitting my photos in November 2017 and I’ve been amazed at how well-received they have been.

In April 2024, out of approximately 369,000 contributors worldwide, I am in the Top 50 downloaded.

My photos have been downloaded almost 6,900,000 times.

So, perhaps you need to create a presentation on Time Management, or an article on the importance of lifelong learning. You may be blogging about work/life balance or the importance of wellbeing. Maybe your website helps people to find their direction in life, whatever it is, I am sure that there will be a photograph on Unsplash that will help you.

On this page, is a selection of some of my images. If you see one that you like and could use, you can find and download the high-quality, high-resolution image, via my Unsplash Portfolio (you can also search all the other photographs on Unsplash, via my portfolio page).

Here is the link:

If you think others may find this useful, please pay it forward by sharing this page with them.

Helping Others By Supporting Good Causes

Whilst regularly supporting others in raising money for their good causes, over the years, I have also undertaken challenges, to help raise money for worthwhile causes myself. Below are two short videos of the unusual and slightly dangerous things I have done to raise money to help others.

The First Person From Plymouth To Do The Edgewalk Around The Outside Of The C.N. Tower, Toronto, Canada.

Completing A Firewalk, Not Once, Not Twice, Not Three Times, But Four Times!!

Helping Others Through Poetry

Since my secondary school days, I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through poetry.

Over the years, I have written and published many poems however, there is one that stands out, and has helped many others in their time of need.

During the pandemic, a much-loved Uncle passed away, and I wrote a poem to help his family. They found it so comforting, that they had it read out at his funeral service, which due to the pandemic regulations, I was unable to attend.

A few years later, my Aunt, his wife sadly passed away, and I was honoured to be invited to read it out at her service.

Since then, it has been shared with many others, and helped them in their time of need, and has been used by funeral directors and celebrants throughout the U.K.

If my poem, called Living On In You may help you, your family or people you know, please feel free to use it.

Living On In You Poem by Nick Fewings-Ngagementworks

The Painting Of Our Life

In the painting of our life, no blueprint do we find,
Our canvas starts off blank, for us to be designed.
In our early formative years, our brush and palette knife,
Are guided by others who are central to our life.

Parents, family, close friends, their brushstrokes they do add,
And we have no control if these are good or bad.
Then in our youth, we paint with strokes and colours of our own,
As life experiences we encounter, and relationship seeds are sown.

The chance as well to erase the strokes when we were small,
Or live with them and own as ours, that is our own call.
We move into our middle age, when maturity we reach,
And the consequences of our actions, lessons do us teach.

For decisions that we make, on others impact too,
Positive or negative is firmly down to you.
As the seasons come and go, each and every year,
Each decision, every choice, more brushstrokes do appear.

And finally in our old age, we can take a look,
At the painting we’ve created, and the lifetime it has took.
And in twilight’s gentle glow, when shadows do descend,
We gaze upon the masterpiece, crafted in our unique blend.

A legacy of love and light, or shadows we have cast,
A testament to choices made, throughout our life, our past.
For every stroke, both dark and bright, belongs to us alone,
In the mosaic of our existence, our essence truly shown.

A masterpiece of a life well lived, that fills our heart with pride,
Or something we’ve created, that we would rather hide.
Whatever we’ve created it’s ours and ours alone,
Because decisions, actions and consequences are ours to firmly own.

So be mindful what you create with brush or palette knife,
For this is ultimately what becomes the painting of your life.

Poem written by Nick Fewings