Team DyNAmics

Helping you and your team on your journey to achieve greater success


Team DyNAmics measures your team effectiveness, across 16 Elements of teamwork,

enabling you and your team to understand what is working well and what needs to be worked on, and whether you are

high-performing, average or developing as a team.




Team DyNAmics, helps you and your team answer the following questions:

Is our team working as effectively as possible?

Have we got the balance right between what we do (TASKS) and how we achieve them (RELATIONSHIPS)?

What are our strengths as a team, that we need to continue to use?

What are our challenges, so we can implement practical solutions to overcome them?


It has been suggested, that only 10% of teams can be truly considered high-performing,

50% are average and the remaining 40% are developing.

Where would you rate your team?  Would your colleagues say the same as you?

To answer these questions effectively, you need to MEASURE your team effectiveness.

I have had the privilege to have been involved in Team Dynamics workshops facilitated and led by Nick over many years now and find myself constantly amazed by his ability to combine fun and laughter together with insightful and meaningful learnings.

I have engaged Nick's services at almost every company I have worked at and the feedback I get from all participants is always exemplary. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Stephen Parker

Head Of QA & Compliance, Europe, Shionogi

Only 1% of teams measure how effective their teamwork is.

Survey of 120 leaders via Ngagementworks “Achieving High-Performance” webinar.  July 2020.

Team DyNAmics, powered by Clarity4D, uses anonymous online feedback from team members.

It provides an assessment of your team’s effectiveness, in 16 key Elements, highlighting the strengths of your team and also challenges that you may need to overcome.

It acts as a benchmark to measure the impact of changes that your team implement.


Your Team DyNAmics Report:

  • Is created using an anonymous, online questionnaire that each member of your team completes.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to answer the questions.
  • Provides you with an overall Team Effectiveness score, enabling you and your team to understand whether you are high-performing, average or developing.
  • Includes a detailed analysis of 16 Elements, vital in achieving high-performance teamwork and effectiveness.
  • A percentage effectiveness score for each of the 16 Elements.
  • Has statistical information on each question answered, % Average Score, Minimum, Maximum and Rank against all the questions.
  • Highlights the Top 8 and Bottom 8 Elements, your team strengths and challenges.
  • Shows whether there is a balance or imbalance between TASKS and RELATIONSHIPS.
  • Has graphics, that visually represent the underlying data.
  • Includes a Action Plan, enabling you and your team to capture observations and actions agreed, to improve your teamwork.

  Your Report, Your Choice How To Use It:

The results of your Team DyNAmics Report, can be:

  •  Discussed, using the knowledge and expertise of Nick Fewings, in an online session with your team.

  • Explored, as part of a face to face facilitated team-building session.

  • Shared with your team for you to self-facilitate, supplemented with a Team DyNAmics Review & Recommendations Report. 



Ngagementworks Team Learning 3

Nick facilitated a fantastic day with my firm. He focused on creating a high performing team within our business. 

The team submitted their individual responses and on the day of our facilitated team-building, our Team DyNAmics Report was shared with us.

We were then able to review what was working well and what the team perceived as areas of challenge.  We then undertook some facilitated sessions that resulted in practical solutions being agreed, that would overcome our challenges.  These actions were assigned to appropriate individuals, with timescales for the actions to be embedded.

The team found the Team DyNAmics Report extremely useful and the insights and learning have helped us, both as individuals and as a team, to work more effectively.

The day was both enlightening and constructive with simple changes likely to make significant impact.

Thank you Nick, we will be arranging follow up sessions so that you can help us monitor our progress by re-running Team DyNAmics, to see what's changed.

Graham Prisk

Director, Rame Consulting



What do we do, to get our Team DyNAmics Report?

Once you have purchased Team DyNAmics, and the names and email of your team members has been received, a unique link, will be sent to each team member, asking them to submit their responses to the online questionnaire.

When everyone has submitted their responses, your Team DyNAmics Report will be produced and sent to the agreed person in your team, usually the person who has agreed the investment.

How long does it take to complete the online questionnaire?

On average, it takes between 15-20 minutes to complete it.

When do we receive our Team DyNAmics Report?

This depends on how quickly team members complete the questionnaire.  We track responses and will give a gentle nudge to those who have not completed it by the agreed date and keep you informed if this is required.

Once everyone has completed their response, the Team DyNAmics Report is produced, usually within 24-hours of the last submission. 

Depending on how you chose to use it (see the FAQ to the right), it is delivered to the agreed person, via email, in PDF format.

What support is available to analyse our results?

There are a number of options available to you.

1. You can analyse your Team DyNAmics Report yourself.

2. You can combine it with a facilitated team session, using our expertise.

3. You can purchase a Team DyNAmics Analysis Review and Recommendations Report.

How much does Team DyNAmics cost?

 The investment cost for a Team DyNAmics Report is based on the number of respondents.

In addition, there are investment costs associated with a facilitated online or face to face team-building session or the optional Review & Recommendations Report if you wish to self-facilitate. 

Using the enquiry form below, please advice of the number in your team and we will provide the various option investment costs.

To receive a sample Team DyNAmics Report and find out more about how the model could help you and your team achieve even greater success, complete the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.