If your greatest asset is your people, your greatest competitive advantage is HOW effectively they work together.

Each time Nick has inspired everyone, benefitting individuals, teams and the organisation.

I would recommend Nick to help develop a better understanding of what 'team' means and how to make it work.

Nick's facilitation style is very accessible to all different types of people.

In just two sessions, Nick helped us move from distrust and dysfuntion to mutual understanding and a genuine desire to improve.

It is always a pleasure to work with Nick and the sessions he facilitates always have a lasting impact.

The team are always buzzing after one of Nick's team building sessions.

Nick's passion for team building is infectious.

Nick's style of facilitation and engagement is very powerful and makes for a fun but deeply effective learning experience.

Firstly, I listen to you. 

Why?  Well quite simply, it’s all about difference.

Different numbers of team members.

Different learning styles and preferences.

Different goals that you want to achieve.

Different challenges to overcome.

Because each situation is different, an off the shelf team building solution is not good enough.

That’s why I listen to your needs first.

I then ask questions to…

make sure I have understood your objectives.

find out what you want to be different after the training.

understand how you’ll know that the training has been a success.

note what time and investment budget you have available.

be aware of any specific needs of those attending.

Only then do I put together a bespoke proposal for you to consider.

And then the magic begins 

I make changes, based on your feedback, if required.

I then create the learning experience to meet your needs.

Oh, and yes, I put the training dates in my diary and make necessary travel arrangements!!

Handouts, presentation slides and materials are put together.

I also, via email, with your agreement, introduce myself to your team, so they have some background about who is facilitating the learning and what the learning objectives are.

And after the training, I make sure it’s worked for you and your team.

I undertake instant feedback of the training. To date, I am proud to let you know that 96% of delegates have told me that the training I’ve facilitated is Brilliant or Amazing.

I ensure all delegates receive a copy of any workshop slides used, plus, make them aware of the free online learning resource, Articles, which has lots of hints, tips and articles to help individuals and teams.

And, I have a follow-up call with you, a few weeks after the training to see how things are going and if you need me to do anything else in the short or longer term.

But don’t just take my word for it, read what clients have to say.

I also use, if needed, effective tools, to help you understand both WHO is in your team and HOW effectively they are working together.

If you are to create or develop a high-performing team, the first thing you need to know is WHO is in your team.

Using highly-regarded behavioural profiles, not only do individuals receive a unique personal development document, that enables them to understand themselves better, by sharing it with their colleagues, they get a better understanding of each other, and in doing so are able to play to each other’s strengths, collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Using the psychology of Carl Jung, his behavioural work is brought to life, using a colourful model of behaviour, that makes it easily accessible at leadership, operational and project levels.

Having understood WHO is in your team, in order to achieve high-performance, you must next measure, and in doing so, understand HOW effectively they are working together.

The highly-regarded Team DyNAmics Model, created by me, enables you to do so. 

Measuring 16 Elements that are key to achieving high-performance in teams, it helps you to identify what is working well in the team and what challenges the team face.

With this information, improvements in how the team work can be agreed and implemented.

The Team DyNAmics Model can then be used to monitor the affect that these improvements have, by re-measuring at an agreed future date.

Download A Sample Profile

This is a sample of the Full Clarity4D Profile, the most popular profile used by teams in understanding WHO is in their team.

Read more about how the Team DyNAmics Model could help you and your team.

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