Nick facilitated a fantastic day with my firm. He focused on creating a high performing team within our business. 

The team submitted their individual responses and on the day of our facilitated team-building, our Team DyNAmics Report was shared with us.

We were then able to review what was working well and what the team perceived as areas of challenge.  We then undertook some facilitated sessions that resulted in practical solutions being agreed, that would overcome our challenges.  These actions were assigned to appropriate individuals, with timescales for the actions to be embedded.

The team found the Team DyNAmics Report extremely useful and the insights and learning have helped us, both as individuals and as a team, to work more effectively.

The day was both enlightening and constructive with simple changes likely to make significant impact.

Thank you Nick, we will be arranging follow up sessions so that you can help us monitor our progress by re-running Team DyNAmics, to see what's changed.

Graham Prisk

Director, Rame Consulting

Having worked with Nick several times, I continue to remain impressed with the quality of his sessions and the clarity of his delivery. He engages the room in a way that few other in his field do and brings the audience on the journey with him.

He continues to be my “Go To “person when building a new team or looking to jump start performance in an existing one. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Kevin Hagan

Operations Director, Serco

I have worked with Nick on numerous occasions over the past ten years with various teams and every time he impresses me.

Most recently Nick facilitated a session with about sixty of our Engagement Champions.  The session was insightful, energetic and fun. 98% of attendeed rated the session as excellent and said it was the best event they have attended.

I can’t recommend Nick highly enough.  If you want to increase communication and relationships between teams and customers, you need a session with Nick.

Amber Kelly

Engagement, Talent and Learning Director, Post Office

Nick is professional, knowledgeable and engaging. I asked Nick to assess my team’s dynamic and was pleasantly surprised by the positive outcome. Nick has a very personable manner and judged his audience perfectly to get the best out of our sessions. Seldom have I witnessed my team so engaged. Nick helped to raise their self-awareness and understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Nick identified that the team is well balanced and we will build on this going forward. Nick provides great value for money and the benefits outweigh the investment.

George Peacock

Head Of Property, British Red Cross

I have asked Nick to deliver training with several different teams in different businesses and settings. I keep going back to him again and again. Universally these sessions have been met with great praise. Nick is very personable and polished in his delivery. He also has a great grasp of his subject matter. His sessions have been very effective in opening up a new language to discuss and address important behavioural matters – which mitigate on people’s effectiveness and could otherwise be challenging to address. He provides insights that should be a part of everyone’s personal and professional development in a fun and easily memorable and accessible way. The insights help individuals and teams to understand themselves better and to be more effective. Not just useful, they are also well-delivered and fun, and these sessions have the added benefit of being helpful in team building.

James Thorburn

CEO, City & County Healthcare

Nick provides an inspiring day which got us thinking and working hard as a team but with much laughter along the way – Nick’s style is engaging and infectious and we have certainly come away with learning that has had an immediate impact back in the workplace. This is learning with a legacy.

Alison North

Senior Transformation Lead - People & Change, Taunton Deane Borough Council & West Somerset Council

I have been working with Nick for almost a decade and he has never failed to deliver. He presents on the senior leadership programme for our member organisations. Not only does he entertain but he gets people thinking about their personal style and how they can adapt it to improve communication. Nick has also helped us to grow and develop our own organisation, ensuring that we develop in harmony with one another.

Manon Bradley

Development Director, Major Projects Association

I have had the privilege to have been involved in Team Dynamics workshops facilitated and led by Nick over many years now and find myself constantly amazed by his ability to combine fun and laughter together with insightful and meaningful learnings.

I have engaged Nick's services at almost every company I have worked at and the feedback I get from all participants is always exemplary. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Stephen Parker

Head Of QA & Compliance, Europe, Shionogi

Nick provides an inspiring day which got us thinking and working hard as a team but with much laughter along the way – Nick’s style is engaging and infectious and we have certainly come away with learning that has had an immediate impact back in the workplace. This is learning with a legacy.

Nadia Whittley

Chief Executive Officer, Arquer Diagnostics

I recently worked with Nick for the 2nd time in recent years. As before, Nick delivered a great interactive session from which my team gained some really useful new skills and further developed their own self-awareness. The benefit of using Nick’s ‘service’ has proven itself to be a great use of our time and will continue to deliver both individual benefits as well as capability and skills growth within the team.

Sarah Munro

Programme Manager, BBC

Nick provided our teams with some interesting insight into the make-up of the teams and the individual’s behavioural ‘colours’. His facilitation style and humour kept everybody engaged for the whole time. The outcome has been a significant change in how relationships are managed, the day out from our busy schedules is already demonstrating its worth. I would recommend Nick to help develop a better understanding of what ‘team’ means and how to make it work.

Bob Martin

Project Director, NATS