Nick Fewings, Award-winning International Conference Speaker

One of the outstanding conference speakers I’ve ever met and a thoroughly charming person.

Nick ranks among the very best speakers that I have ever encountered.

Nick was recommended to PMI Singapore as a speaker for our 13th Symposium for 600+ delegates over two days in Singapore. Nick delivered an interactive and educational session, with appropriate humour and relevant business anecdotes, for 2 hours. Of the 17 speakers, Nick was voted the best speaker at the Symposium, with 94% of delegates who provided feedback, rating his session as Excellent/Very Good. I would highly-recommend Nick as an expert business speaker, who is able to deliver practical business learning to large audiences during a long-session, whilst keeping the whole audience engaged.

Velimir Tasic

PMI Singapore Committee Member

“Cracking The Code Of High-Performance Teamwork”

A summary of the 2-hour interactive conference presentation that I delivered to 600 delegates at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore.

Of the 17 speakers, I was delighted to be voted “best speaker”, with 94% of delegates, who provided feedback, rating my presentation Very Good or Excellent.

Nick presented to our leaders in two sessions, delivering engaging, informative and insightful presentations to both small and larger audience groups. Nick has a fantastic, funny and entertaining style to his presentations that makes everyone feel at ease, and the use of relatable examples and interactive elements throughout meant that colleagues remained involved for the whole session. 85% of event attendees who completed our feedback survey felt that Nick’s session will really make a difference to their working lives, which is all we can ask for really! I would highly recommend Nick if you’re looking to give your employees a different slant on working together more effectively as a team.

Helen Burgess-Bartlett

Marketing Director, Buck

“Learning With Fun!”

Conference delegates always say that they like to learn, whilst enjoying the learning experience.

Psychologists also state that if you enjoy yourself whilst learning, you will remember the learning for a much longer time.

Play the video, to see a short clip of the delegates experience.

He engages the room in a way that few others in his field do and brings the audience on the journey with him.

98% of delegates rated Nick’s presentation as excellent.

Top Qualities: Expert, Interactive, Great Results, Personable, Creative

I hired Nick after seeing him speak at a European PA Conference. He is an extremely engaging, lively and entertaining speaker who is sure to liven up any audience! I joked about his slot being the ‘graveyard shift’, after lunch and having to lift a room that is starting to get tired, he 100% delivered on that and Twitter was awash with positive feedback on his session. He also delivered a very important message and I know our delegates took a lot away from his presentation. Even more importantly Nick really worked in partnership with us. He engaged with our delegates long before the event via social media and email and I think that is really important for any speaker. He really got to know our target audience and therefore knew exactly how to pitch the presentation. I would not hesitate in recommending Nick for any event!

Victoria Darragh

Founder, UK Executive & Personal Assistants Association

I have had the pleasure of working with many of the high-profiled conference speakers. Nick ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. His speech on the topic of leadership style and its impact on the organisation have influenced industry leaders in many parts of the world. Nick is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. Nick has deep professional expertise, and it shows.

Alzbeta Stadlikova

Conference Producer, BIS Group

I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for an excellent public speaker capable of delivering energetic and inspiring presentations.

A fantastic interactive session, informative and fun. Nick’s style is described as “infotainment” which is absolutely spot on.

Audience Size Experience

30 to 750

Location Experience: U.K., Europe, Middle East, Far East & U.S.A.

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