Rediscover Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon by Bonnie Low-Kramen

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I’d like to introduce our first female PIFPAL (Pay It Forward Pal), Bonnie Low-Kramen, Bonnie Low-KramenPresident of Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting Inc. Bonnie’s passion in work is empowering assistants to be a leader in work and in life. Whilst based in Florida, Bonnie travels all over the world facilitating workshops or speaking at conferences.  Bonnie’s passion outside of work is the beach and the peace that comes from this happy place.

Her claim to fame is her son, Adam Sol Kramen.

Bonnie’s song that resonates with her and her life is “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor.

You can find out more about Bonnie via her LinkedIn Profile.

Which of the 16 Team DyNAmics© Elements does your post support?: COLLABORATION

Ngagementworks Team DyNAmics Creative InteractionsHow Will It Help Others?: By revealing the talents of team members who work 5 feet from you.

How long will it take?: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Resources required: Notepad and pen

Premise:  Everyone is hired at a company for a reason. Staff may not know exactly what those reasons are and since we don’t walk around with our CVs, it is vital that we find other ways to know the talents and skills of our team members, who often work 5 feet from us and with whom we may have been working for many years.

What to do: Get your team together and take turns introducing yourself. First and last name, how long have you been working at the company, and name a minimum of ONE thing and maximum of THREE things that you are an expert in. What do people come to you for? Everyone should be encouraged to take notes because there will be new information shared here.

After the exercise, a volunteer can be chosen to compile a list of contact info, and the 1-3 areas of expertise of each team member and then share it with the rest of the team.

As facilitator, you can encourage post-meeting mentorship between team members, on their area of expertise.

Follow Up – When new team members come on board, they should be asked their areas of expertise and set the expectation that everyone ‘pays it forward’ as needed.

This activity also works really well when project teams are put together, by building trust and encouraging collaboration right from the outset.  In addition, what about undertaking this activity with other teams that you have a close working relationship with!

Many thanks to Bonnie for Paying It Forward.

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Would You Like Help Others And Feature In Pay It Forward?

If you have some effective learning that would help either individuals or a team and want to be featured in the Pay It Forward Initiative, I’d love to hear from you.  The only criteria are (1) the learning is effective, (2) it takes no longer than an hour to undertake, (3) you don’t need too many resources, (4) you are able to share it freely.

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Wishing you continued happiness and success in both work and life.

Yours behaviourally, Nick

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