If money were out of the equation, would you still work? OF COURSE I WOULD

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The question posed by the Daily Post was “If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?”

Nick Fewings, Award-winning International Conference Speaker

Nick Fewings, Award-winning International Conference Speaker

My answer, at this moment in time would definitely be yes, I would still continue to work.  Why? Well quite simply, I believe I have one of the best jobs in the world. It is a job that I am passionate about, provides me with much fulfilment, and based on feedback from my clients, makes a positive difference to the individuals and teams I work with.  However, I am in the fortunate position to combine this with a great work/life balance and my job enables me to indulge in one of my other passions, street photography, which in turn, I am able to use to further promote and support my business.  In effect a virtual circle with my work feeding my hobby and my hobby feeding my work.
After 21 years in the world of corporate finance and project/change management, during which time I rose to Director level, I took the plunge and co-founded a highly successful learning and development company.  I was instrumental in setting a strategy for growing the business year on year and was also responsible for operations, including the recruitment of key staff that supported future growth.  After 10 years, I had achieved what I had set out to do and I opted to pursue a fresh start to enable me to focus specifically on my passion for facilitating training that supports the development of individuals and teams, and in doing so helps them to transform and achieve even greater success.  I wanted to do this in a way that enabled me to break out of the 9-5 working culture (or more often than not longer hours) plus not to have to spend the majority of my time on developing new strategies,  dealing with people issues and other operational necessities which took me from my passion for facilitation.  I also wanted to combine work with more leisure time with family and friends and also pursuing my street photography.


So how did I achieve this.  Firstly, I set up my new training company, Ngagementworks.  As a facilitator and highly-regarded keynote conference speaker, I already had an excellent network of contacts and it wasn’t long before bookings came in.  These bookings have been both in the UK and abroad, as I have worked and continue to work internationally.  Whereas previously, I rushed from one place to another and often only saw the inside of a hotel or training room, I now give myself time to explore the city or town where I am staying.  This then enables me to get out and about with my camera.
Taken at Covent Garden, London when working with a client

Taken at Covent Garden, London when working with a client

My street photography name is Few Peeps, a play on the start of my surname and Peeps being a slang term for people.  People have feedback that I have an eye for taking candid people shots and I add some post-processing and catchy title to make them unique.  I’ve taken about 450 to date which I have uploaded to Flickr and these have received almost 2 Million views.
The taking of street photos then gave me an idea to support my business.   Lots of people enjoy images and motivational quotes so I have developed these using my images and quotes I have developed.  My business clients have really warmed to these as it has helped them to bring their corporate or team values to life. This has enabled me to generate more business from other teams in their organisations who have seen these images and enquired about how they have come to have them.  They explain about the training I have facilitated and the virtual circle is complete.
Photo taken in Riga, capital of Latvia when speaking at a conference

Photo taken in Riga, capital of Latvia when speaking at a conference

I feel blessed that I am in the privileged position that I am in and look forward to the opportunities that every new day brings.  At the end of the day it is only us that can change our destiny or our life and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in my 80’s and thinking to myself, “If only”.
One of the phrases I really connect with is to “Enjoy the journey as well as the destination”.
Wishing you all the best with your journey and the destination that you seek.
If you would like to see other photos I have taken, please do enjoy my Few Peeps stream on Flickr or Few Peeps on Facebook and please do check out how I have used my images to develop motivational images/quotes, please enjoy A FEW eNgaging Images & Quotes.
All the best
Nick Fewings aka Few Peeps
Twitter: NgageingNick
LinkedIn: Nick Fewings

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