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Which of the 16 Team DyNAmics© Elements does this team building activity support?: ENVIRONMENT

Ngagementworks Team DyNAmics Creative InteractionsHow Will It Help Others?: It helps both Introverts and Extraverts to support members of the team in their own ways that work in harmony with their preferences.

How long does it take?: It only takes 5 mins at the start and end of a team meeting.

Resources required: “Post it” Notes

What to do: If there is something that is bothering a member of the team, either an issue they have or a problem they are trying to solve, they can jot it down on a ‘Post It’ note and place it on the wall at the start of the team meeting, adding their name.

Colleagues then are given time either during a coffee break or at the end of the meeting to read and/or discuss with each other some of the comments on the notes with the aim of helping.  The comments can be about a piece of work they need help with or for those that just wish to make the point they need some flexibility/support around certain things, such as space to concentrate, they can do so without having to address anyone directly.

There are no restrictions on the comments, simply to be respectful and not personal.  Not all comments need to be addressed at the meeting, they are simply opportunities to make the team more aware of what could be causing stress to those around them so they can be mindful of them and to support each other throughout the working week.  It may be that one of the team has some specific skills or knowledge that can help their colleague.

Many thanks to Emma Shirley, who is a Programmes Support Manager in Real Estate Solutions, part of BAE Systems, for sharing this great team building activity.

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