"Thank You Assistants, For Being Part Of My Journey"

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Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Ngagementworks, the learning and development company that I founded.
When I opened my email, I was astonished by the several hundred email alerts that were showing.  My first thought was, “Damn, my email has been hacked by spammers”.  However, when I started looking at the individual emails, the majority were from people who I was connected to on LinkedIn, including a lot of assistants.  Some had Liked my status update and others had written personal emails thanking me for helping them develop, from either seeing me speak, facilitating workshops or reading my articles that I have written specifically for the Assistant Community.  I know that we all lead busy lives and I was therefore touched that so many people had taken a few moments of their day to congratulate me and say Thank You.  It is something we don’t do often enough however can make a huge difference to the person who receives it.
Hopefully, I have replied individually to every message but in the event that I have inadvertently missed someone, I hope you will accept this blog from me to say THANK YOU for being part of my journey.
I honestly can’t believe it is 3 years since I founded Ngagementworks. It has been an amazing journey, with many achievements and great memories. My passion to help individuals, teams and organisations succeed continues to burn brightly.
I’m truly blessed to be invited to speak at a various of conferences in the UK and further afield, the largest of which has been in front of 750. Some have been leadership or project management conferences, others internal staff conferences and many have been on behalf of the Assistant Community.

In my humble opinion, the Assistant Community, is the most supportive, vibrant and positive community that I engage with.

Whether it is York, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Winchester, London or other places I may have inadvertently missed, I am in awe of the amazingly talented assistants that turn up, in their own time, with a passion to develop and grow.  Well done to you and also to those who volunteer their time and effort to manage these communities.  I can sleep comfortably knowing that you are doing an excellent job of leading teams yourselves and also supporting those who lead others.
One of my greatest joys was back in July 2015, when working with the model, helped give an assistant the courage to speak up about bad behaviour.  If you wish to read what happened, here is the link to the article The Assistant That Spoke Up And Called Time.
The above was linked to the thing I am most proud of, which is developing and launching a model for increased individual/team engagement, called Team DyNAmics. which has and continues to have, an extremely positive impact on leadership, project and operational teams. Using the model helped the assistant to speak up. If you want to find out more about the model, here is a link to a short videoTeam DyNAmics Explained
So, a huge THANK YOU for being part of my journey. I hope that my presentations, articles and motivational quotes continue to be of value to you and that life and work are treating you well.  I wish you continued success and hope our paths will cross in the future.
Yours behaviourally, Nick
Who am I and Ngagementworks?
I’m a former Change Director of Barclays PLC, a behavioural psychologist and have. I founded and am CEO of Ngagementworks, a learning and development company that helps many well-known brands succeed through developing their greatest asset, their PEOPLE.
I am also an award-winning conference speaker on behaviours, leadership, team effectiveness and engagement and creator of the Team DyNAmics© model of team engagement. (the link will take you to a short video explaining it).
You can contact me direct to discuss how I may be able to support your individual/team development objectives or about a conference that I may be able to help you by speaking at, via nick@ngagementworks.com
I am on Twitter @Nick_Fewings and regularly post articles on personal, leadership and team development via my blog site www.yoursbehaviourally.com
Ngagementworks also has a presence on Facebook and on Instagram

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