Depth Of Thinking

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As it is the weekend, I thought I would indulge in my passion for candid street photography and enter the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge which this week was about Depth, either visually or emotionally.  I have chosen emotionally and below is a photograph of the highly-regarded actor Rhys Ifans.  He has starred in many films however, probably most famous for his portrayal of Spike, the Welsh lodger of Hugh Grant in the film Notting Hill which also starred Julia Roberts.
My wife and I were on vacation in Montreal, our first visit.  It was a glorious day in May.  We must have been walking and taking in the sites for many hours so decided a well-earned drink was on the cards.  We found a bar on the seafront, ordered our drinks and sat watching the world go by.  My passion, as a hobby, is taking photographs of people candidly to get their true expression.  I’m known under the pseudonym of Few Peeps and regularly post my photos on Flickr and have had almost 2.5 Million views to date.
I saw some great people and was clicking away to capture the moment.  It was only when we got back to our hotel and I was showing my wife the shots I’d taken that we both did a double-take and realised that we had been sat next to Rhys Ifans in the bar.  We went online and found out that he was on location filming.
When I photograph people thinking, it gets me thinking about what they might be thinking about.  Strange but fascinating.
Deep Thinking Few Peeps Nick Fewings

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