Acrobatic Teamwork

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This week, until Sunday, I am in Beijing, China, attending an international Summer Camp for young leaders and entrepreneurs, organised by Youth Time International Organisation, who’s President is Julia Kinash.  It has been a wonderful experience, with delegates from 28 countries, learning the skills needed to succeed in business, delivered by global experts in their field, sharing their knowledge and experience on a variety of topics.
For my part, I have delivered a speech on how to collaborate effectively to achieve a win-win situation, whilst valuing and appreciating diversity in relation to behavioural differences.
In addition, I ran a masterclass on “Leading & Developing High-Performance Teams”, during which I shared my Team DyNAmics Model.
Yesterday evening, we experienced an evening of cultural entertainment, when we visited the theatre to watch the famous Chaoyang Acrobats.  The show was absolutely incredible with individual and team acts.  The one that struck me as an excellent example of teamwork was by the troupe of female acrobats who somehow managed to balance all 12 of them on one bicycle and ride around the stage a number of times.
Seeing this got me thinking about how many of the 16 Elements of the Team DyNAmics Model that they were using really effectively, to achieve what they did.  I think that they used 10, being Purpose, Trust, Planning, Collaboration, Accountability, Commitment, Roles, Communication, Diversity and Processes.
How effective is your team?  Do you measure how effective you are?  If not, you may find it of value to understand the Team DyNAmics Model on more detail, which you can do, by using this link,  Team DyNAmics©
Wishing you continued happiness and success in both work and life.
Yours behaviourally, Nick
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