In the last 6 months, Ngagementworks has lived up to it’s strapline, as it has Engaged individuals, Motivated teams, helping them to Transform and achieve even greater Success.
As Managing Director, I am pleased to share with you a 60 second summary of what has been achieved and how myself and Ngagementworks can support you in the development of your greatest asset…Your PEOPLE.

Amazingly Brilliant Customer Satisfaction

Ngagementworks Customer Satisfaction
Ngagementworks has developed and delivered learning programmes, supporting individual development, team effectiveness and operational, project and organisational cultural change, across all levels within organisations.
Against a benchmark of 90% in our top two feedback categories, Ngagementworks has achieved an amazingly brilliant 96%.

 “I am delighted that our programmes are having such a profound, positive, long-lasting effect on individuals, teams and organisations that have experienced them.”

Ngagementworks Promise

 Learning Programmes Bespoke To Meet Your Needs

Each of our learning programmes is bespoke, to ensure that your needs and the needs of those attending are fully satisfied.  If you would like to discuss how Ngagementworks may be able to help and support you and your team, contact me via email or just give me a call on 0044 7966 306903.

 The F-Factor Conference Speaking

Nick Fewings, Ngagementworks aka the F Factor

Nick Fewings, Award-winning International Conference Speaker

“I have had the pleasure of working with many high-profiled conference speakers. Nick Fewings ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. His speech on the topic of leadership style and its impact on the organisation have influenced industry leaders in many parts of the world. Nick is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. Nick has deep professional expertise, and it shows.”
Conference Speaker Feedback
The conference audiences I have spoken in front of, have been varied, including Leaders, Programme and Project Directors, PAs, Project Teams, HR Professionals and internal staff conferences.
I have been delighted, on more than one occasion, to have been voted as the best speaker at the conference.
 If you want to find out more about the topics I speak on and also read  customer testimonials, please use the link to Nick Fewings, Award-winning Global Conference Speaker.
Send me an email to discuss further how I may be able to add-value to  your conference by giving it the F-Factor!

Social Media

Ngagementworks Blogs Countries
Ngagementworks believes in building deep, long-lasting relationships with individuals, teams and organisations.  So whether you’ve experienced a learning programme, been at a conference or taken part in a webinar, the learning and relationship doesn’t end there.  Ngagementworks has a presence on various social media channels, where it delivers a variety of information.  Our blogs are enjoyed by people in over 2/3rds of the countries in the world.
One of the articles that is trending is When Was The Last Time You PERSONALLY checked-in with your boss?
A full list of blogs can be found using this link, Ngagementworks Blogs.


I regularly contribute blogs and articles via my profile and in various groups to which I belong.  You can connect with me via Nick Fewings


If you want that quick motivational fix on the go, I regularly post motivational quotations and images.  Follow me using this link @NgageingNick


Ngagementworks has a growing community on Facebook.  Blogs, articles and quotations can be found here.  If you are relaxing with a coffee and want to dip into some bite-size learning, then you’ll enjoy this community.
Email Clues
Use this link to check out and like our Ngagementworks Facebook Community.

Pinterest & Instagram

We also have a presence on Pinterest and Instagram
I hope that you’ve have found this update of value.  If you are already part of our growing community, stay eNgaged. If you are new, I hope that you will join me and Ngagementworks via the various social media channels, using the ones that meet your learning style and needs.
Please also do not hesitate to contact me direct via
Yours behaviourally, Nick Fewings

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