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Kindly reproduced, with permission from a client of Ngagementworks, from their online HR Magazine
A lot of you will know of Nick Fewings, Managing Director of Ngagementworks for his engaging, interactive and fun learning programmes, that are positively changing the culture of our organisation and having a beneficial impact on our Employee Engagement scores.  Well, we chose Nick this month for our ’10 Facts In Numbers Feature’, as he does something similar as part of his workshops, so here goes:
1. Behavioural Psychology
Nick has been an accredited behavioural business psychologist for 17 years and at 15 years, is one of the longest-serving Licensed Practitioners of Insights in the UK, using their colourful model of behaviours and Discovery profiles to underpin the majority of the team learning programmes that he develops and facilitates.
Insights Discovery Profile Front Page
2. Change Management
His other specialism is change management, from a people perspective, having had 8 years experience as a Project Manager and then Change Director. The largest change programme he led affected over 5,000 people globally.
Nick Fewings, Project Management & Change Management
3. Investors In People
The learning and development programmes Nick has facilitated have been noted 8 times as being instrumental in organisations achieving Investors In People Gold Status.
Investors In People Gold
4. Conference Speaking
Nick has spoken at over 400 conferences globally and is regularly awarded the best speaker accolade.

Nick Fewings Conference Speaker

Nick Fewings, MD, Ngagementworks

I have had the pleasure of working with many of the high profiled conference speakers. Nick Fewings ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered.  His speech on the topic of leadership style and its impact on the organisation have influenced industry leaders in many parts of the world. Nick is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious.  Nick has deep professional expertise, and it shows.

5. Employee Engagement
Ngagementworks learning programmes have helped increase Employee Engagement scores by 15% in one year.
employee-engagement6. Learning Programme Satisfaction
As a facilitator, Nick’s cumulative delegate satisfaction feedback over 15 years stands at 96% in the Brilliant and Amazing categories.
Ngagementworks Customer Satisfaction
7. Value-adding Learning Resource
Nick’s blogs, Yours Behaviourally, are read in 108 of the 196 countries in the world, of which he has visited 26 of them.
Ngagementworks Blogs Countries
8. Motivational Quotations & Images
Since he started them in 2014, Nick’s images and motivational quotations have been viewed over 100,000 times.  You can check them out via Personal Inspiration, Leadership Quotations & Motivational Team Quotations.
Trust Ngagementworks Nick Fewings
9. Overcoming Fear
In the last two years, Nick has overcome 2 fears, of heights and undertaking a fire walk.
[wpvideo ZNJ3c40J]
10. Few Peeps Photography
Nick is a keen amateur photographer, taking candid people shots, under the name Few Peeps. In the 20 months since he started, his 500+ photos have been viewed over 3 Million times.  Recently, his photography has been spotted by an incredible colour pencil artist in Houston, Texas.  Nick is now providing them with exclusive permission to draw his photographs.  The story of how they met is fascinating and just shows sometimes how great the internet can be in connecting people.  The story can be read here, The Power Of Connectivity.
Parental Advisory Nick Fewings Few Peeps
We hope you have found this an interesting insight into Nick and Ngagementworks.
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