Welcome to my photography page, one of my passions outside of work.  Please do read on to find out how it could help you.

When out and about, whether working or during my leisure time, I always have one of my cameras with me.  My trusty Sony Alpha 7 riii, my Panasonic Lumix TZ90 pocket camera, or my Iphone.  I don’t have a particular genre, however, capture whatever catches my eye, as I think beauty, inspiration and food for thought can be found in almost everything we see.

Recently, I decided to totally re-build this website from scratch, as I love to continue to learn new skills.  I needed some images, to bring what I do to life and help to get my message across about the services I deliver to my clients and potential clients….

That is when I came across Unsplash, a website, where photographers can upload their high-quality photographs and, if accepted, they become available for others to download and use, royalty-free.  Provided that they do not sell the images themselves,  they can use them in anyway they see fit i.e. for a blog, website, presentation, marketing material etc.  If they want, they can credit the photographer however this is not mandatory.

Being a passionate believer in paying it forward”, I started submitting my photos in November 2017 and I’ve been amazed at how well-received they have been.

To date, in August 2020, I have uploaded just over 750 of my photographs.

Out of approximately 200,000 contributors worldwide, I am in the Top 100 downloaded.

I have had 83 Featured by the Editorial Team of Unsplash.

In July of 2020, I hit 200 Million views of my photographs and a month later, this has risen to 220 Million.

My photographs achieved 1 Million downloads in April 2020 and now have almost hit 1.5 Million downloads.

So, perhaps you need to create a presentation on Time Management, or an article on the importance of lifelong learning.  You may be blogging about work/life balance or the importance of wellbeing.  Maybe you’re website helps people to find their direction in life, whatever it is, I am sure that there will be a photograph on Unsplash that will help you.

On this page, is a selection of some of my images.  If you see one that you like and could use, you can find and download the high-quality, high-resolution image, via my Unsplash Portfolio (you can also search all the other photographs on Unsplash, via my portfolio page). 

If you think others may find this useful, please pay it forward by sharing this page with them.

All the best, Nick