Whether you are part of an operational, project or leadership team, the start of the year is often a time when you get together with your colleagues and discuss what needs to be achieved.
Based on my knowledge and experience of being part of a leadership team, leading both operational and project teams and now facilitating learning programmes with all these types of teams that engage individuals, motivate teams, helping them to transform to achieve even greater success, I have shared below a number of tips that may help you and your colleagues.
1. Know Your Colleagues
It’s really important that you know both the strengths and challenges not only of yourself but also of your colleagues.    Equally important as understanding their technical skills and competencies is their behavioural style.  How do they communicate and make decisions?   Are they most effective when liaising with large groups of stakeholders or happier working behind the scenes and developing robust plans?  Do they like to move things forward at pace or prefer to nurture and develop relationships more slowly?
FACT: Team members that understand, value and appreciate the diversity of skills and styles within their team greatly increase their chances of success both individually and collectively.
Value Diversity
2.  Agree A Vision
What is your purpose as a team?  If you had a new member join your team, could each team member provide that person with the same understanding?
When I help teams to develop a vision or purpose statement, it consists of 3 elements:
Why do we exist?
What does that enable?
What does that mean?
An example would be:  The XYZ team exists to deliver a robust monthly online accounting system that enables leaders to make informed future investment decisions that ensures our company gets a positive return on those investments and continues to develop and grow.
The key thing is that each team member understands it and that it is written in such a way as to ensure that any new team members will also understand it.
FACT:   Individuals are more loyal to a team that has a clear purpose.
3. Commit To Individual Accountability
It’s all very well and good having a vision however to support it being achieved, individuals in the team need to know what part they will play in delivering it.  A vision will only be achieved when each component part of the jigsaw is put in place.  As such, clarity about who is responsible for delivering what is required and committed to by all.
FACT: Individuals are more productive and effective when they know clearly what they need to deliver, by when and to what quality.
4. Have A Measureable Plan
It seems obvious however the amount of teams I have come across don’t have one.  A plan enables you to understand how you are progressing against your vision.  It should be a working document and regularly reviewed and amended based on what and what hasn’t been achieved.
FACT: Team’s with working plans are more able to spot and manage risks at an earlier stage and hence mitigate those risks.
5. Lead Transformationally
Transformational Leaders lead with a particular set of skills and mindset that engage with all team members.  As a bear minimum, Transformational leaders need to be competent technically, inspire their team members, be visionary and most important of all behave openly and honestly to engender trust from their team members in their leadership.
FACT: Individuals who are treated openly and honestly, and indeed as a unique individual, are more likely to remain loyal to a leader and a team for a longer amount of time.
Ngagementworks FFT42
6. Celebrate Success
We all like a pat on the back and to be appreciated once in a while.  You don’t need to leave celebration and appreciation until your vision has been totally achieved.  Also celebrating success along the way doesn’t need to be expensive so it won’t blow the budget.
FACT: Celebrating successes and thanking others for their contribution not only makes those receiving it feel good, it makes you as the giver feel good as well.
Ngagementworks FFT46
I hope that you have found the above of interest and value and I wish you and your team wherever you are and whatever you do success this year.
All the best, Nick Fewings, MD, Ngagementworks
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